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Viking Challenge Completed!

She’s done it!! I don’t believe it. HWTH has actually completed the Viking Challenge.

It was a bit quiet here without her and although I hate to admit it, I sort of missed her.

I overheard descriptions of the Challenge. Life enhancing experience, my hoof! Well really. Does she honestly think we are going to believe all that. Volcanoes, glaciers, erupting geysers of hot water, desolate lava desert, beautiful lush pastures of meadow grass, a house made in a lava cave, sleeping in deserted mountain huts, leading Icelandic horses up narrow mountain passes and riding said horses down gorges and the belly deep fast flowing glacial rivers, herding loose horses all the way.

More fool the horses I say. I could teach them in no time to plant their legs , fix the knees and refuse to do such ridiculous activities. A valuable donkey trait, panned down from generation to generation.’

Mmm – food for thought – maybe I had better suggest it to HWTH


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