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Welcome to Beechwood!


Thank you for choosing Beechwood Riding School... Selecting the right riding school for yourself or your child/children is a very important choice.


Here at Beechwood we teach the classical principles of equitation, allowing each rider to develop a happy and harmonious relationship with their horse.


The horse is a strong, beautiful and sensitive creature and deserves respect, trust and understanding.


We are located in the lovely Surrey Hills, an area of natural outstanding beauty. We have bridleways and woodland to provide us with lots of off road hacking

To all our riders past and present and as it is our 35th year here at Hillboxes, we have lots of friends from the past.


It is so exciting to hear their news from all corners of the UK and indeed the world, as Beechwood was and is such a large part of their lives.


So please, all of you, keep up the emails and all your news.


As you are undoubtedly aware, our concern is keeping our lovely horses happy and healthy. We are now supported by the current Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill. Sentience is the ability to experience pleasure, pain and emotions.


We, of course, have a duty of care to our riders and staff and also the animals for which we are responsible, coupled with duty to avoid unnecessary suffering.


Horses should lead as natural a life as possible – they need Freedom, Friends and Forage. I truly believe our horses enjoy the three F’s!


More information to follow in 2022

Situated in the beautiful Surrey Hills on the North Downs an area of outstanding beauty. 

Fabulous location for London, Surrey and Kent.

Open all year round.

Unlimited off-road hacking.

Riding lessons for all abilities.

International size sand school, indoor school and menages.

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