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Dismount With A Saddle

It was a pleasant Saturday morning. I quite like Saturdays as I often get lots of carrots and apples from the young riders. They all love me you know. Quite understandable really as I am a rather handsome sort of chap. A sign on the yard says ‘don’t feed tit bits to the horses as it may encourage them to nip’. See, you can’t trust horses. Unreliable beasts. Nothing about depriving donkeys of the odd snack though, thank goodness.

Well, after a leisurely breakfast and post brekkie nap, that nice lady Mac led me out to the field.

I decided to watch a few lessons as exercise is so good for you. Watching is almost as beneficial as taking part, so I have been told.

Bailey, that tall, lanky chappie was in the lead on Guinness aka The Village Idiot. Bailey decided to show off his ability to open the sand school gate while mounted on said VI. Gate opened, VI and Bailey went through, then suddenly VI was in gallop, bareback round the school. Meanwhile Bailey is on the floor still astride the saddle and feet in stirrups. It transpires that the girth caught on the gate. VI didn’t notice and proceeded to go through, breaking his girth!

Oh dear – Laugh!! I had to lie down I was laughing so much. What is that proverb….Pride comes before a fall? Apt, don’t you think.


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