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The New Lanky Chap!

Do you know what HWTH has done now?! She has only introduced a great lanky sort of equine into our midst.

At first, I took an instant dislike to him but, actually, he is quite a decent chap. Very polite (if a bit ‘posh’). He asked if he could join us in the field.

The trouble is, he is so skinny that he makes us all look remarkably rotund so now HWTH decides we all need to follow one of her wicked diets.

Oh, not again, anyone would think she was slim and lovely (NOT!) so she inflicts a serious reduction in our munchies, even threatening more exercise.

Well, of course that doesn’t apply to me – I don’t do exercise but its quite fun watching the other horses doing their workouts. Makes me feel quite puffed out just watching them!


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