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Galaxy To The Rescue!

The other night – raging winds and lots of rain – what a storm!

My ears were in danger of being blown off.   My mane and tail were streaming in the mind (well almost!) – my life was in peril.


I had to take refuge behind Gloria.   She’s tall enough to act as a windbreak,  my eyes squeezed shut against the flying leaves and twigs – well after all, I had my safety to consider, especially as I am responsible for supplying the Beechwood news.


When morning came, I could see that we equines had had a lucky escape as lots of trees had fallen down into our field, squashing the fences but, looking on the bright side, I was able to wander into the neighbouring woods and have a good snoop around – like an ‘intrepid explorer’.   There were lots of interesting nibblesavailable,.    Well, I lost trace of time and must have nodded off.  Iwas awakened by HWTH ‘coohooing’ calling us all in for breakfast.     I have to admit that I panicked as I could see the herd galloping up to the stables in anticipation of a yummy snack.   I have to admit that I couldn’t remember how I managed to get intothe woods and to my extreme embarrassment, I couldn’t find a way out!


Luckily, my bestie Galaxy was on the look out for me and galloped up to HWTH to tell her I was unable to respond to her dulcet tones, then galloped back down to the woods. She turnedround and left us (Galaxy and me) and returned to the stables, totally unconcerned about my fate.


I could have starved to death or never been seen again!    Thank goodness for Galaxy who stood in the middle of the field whinnying (poor soul can’t make a decent EEE YOR).


At last I could see these lovely girls, Izzie and Zara coming downto rescue me.   I was so relieved I had tears of gratitude in my eyes.   My ordeal was at an end and the girls led Galaxy and me gently back to the safety of our stables and my breakfast.


If it wasn’t for Galaxy I would probably still be missing and probably close to starvation.


THANKS Galaxy – best of besties


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