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Eeyore's Bad Friday!

It started off like a normal Friday! It became a Friday I was to remember for a VERY long time. Firstly, I had a pleasant breakfast followed by a short nap and a rather nice grooming session. Then it all went VERY WRONG. I Saw THEM – these fiendishly evil humans, dressed in nasty blue operating gowns (so the blood doesn’t show) with a box of torture tools so full and heavy that it takes two humans to carry it. I knew then that it was DENTIST DAY. Well, just let them try any funny capers with me and I’ll show them. I must remind you that when they first met me some years ago, I had to drag two of them across the yard and out of the gate. Just to let them know who is in charge around here.

I was just working myself up into a really good temper when next to my stable was a really nice sweet lady stroking my rather magnificent ears. That was just before she stabbed me in the neck and too late, I remembered who she was ….. THE VET….Oh NO! This woozy feeling started to overcome me. My legs… they turned to rubber and wouldn’t move. I tried to get away, but everything was so dreamy – maybe if I put my head down and dribble a bit,…. Hmmm… what was I saying, oh yes, head down-a-bit. My eyes closed and I was drifting off. I dreamt that I was being pulled around by that chap who comes weekly and shoes the horses. I dreamt he pulled my feet off the ground – whoops, I nearly fell over and I could hear clipping and rasping coming from …. I don’t know where … so hard to keep from falling over.

My feet back on the ground now but my mouth is open, drilling sounds going through my poor head. What’s happening?? Then dreams, quiet dreams of lovely pastures, carrots and all my friends rallying round me. Just a little nap.. snore, snore.

When I awoke it was getting dark and my hooves felt funny and my teeth were all smooth. Grrr – they got the better of me this time – the vet, the farrier and the dentist – they cheated, they didn’t play fair, drugging me.



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