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Eeyore's Christmas

Firstly, I must apologise for the hiatus in blog construction. As you know, I am very sensitive, and I am recovering from a devastating disappointment. You see, I was led to believe, from various comments I sort of ‘overheard’ that Christmas and the general festive season, revolved around a stable with resident donkey who was looking after a baby. For his trouble, he had a variety of visitors like Kings and Wise Men, all bearing gifts for the donkey. I was expecting to be THAT donkey obviously!! – looking forward to the gifts, not to mention the fame! The festive season, however, passed me by. I am heartbroken, my ears are drooping, I am a broken donkey.

To add insult to injury, HWTH decided I should have a little ridden exercise. She put a saddle and bridle on ME. If that wasn’t horrendous enough, she expected me to carry the ‘Dancing Boy’ around the indoor school! I allowed him on to my back but had a jolly good attempt at scraping him off by rubbing my shoulder on the wall! After a tortuous time ‘under saddle’, HWTH had another light bulb moment and harnessed me up to a ‘CART’!! Can you believe it! Just like a WORKING DONKEY. I walked sedately around the sand school, wracking my brains as to the best course of action to bring a swift end to what is obviously a case of Donkey Abuse.

Let me tell you, it will NOT happen again. Servitude is not my middle name!.... As you know, I have Royal blood coursing through my veins.


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