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Eeyore's New Look!

What a beautiful summer week. Long days of sunshine (important for me as you know my ancestors hailed from hot desert regions). Lots and lots of succulent scrummy grass. Donkey heaven – sometimes marred by HWTH’s manic desire to deny free access to this wonderful source of gastronomic pleasure as she has a rather nasty ‘fattest’ streak in her along with a hoof feeling fetish. She is constantly feeling hooves, prodding necks and bellies of my slightly, shall we say, pleasantly rounded, pony friends and announces that we must be denied our ‘Right to Roam’ and we have to stay indoors with only a minute amount of boring old hay to eat.

However, I digress from my subject.

Last Friday, after previously mentioned lovely summer week, myself and all the other Beechwood equines, came in for breakfast followed by a thoroughly good groom and a luxurious nap. I like Fridays as there are lots of nice people around, armed with brushes and carrots. Ultimate relaxation.

However, that Nice Jenni person approached me, covered by eyes and pushed something into my mouth. I then had a lovely long snoozy nap filled with dreamy dreams.

I awoke later and felt decidedly chilly around my ample belly and looking down at my dainty hooves I was shocked to see that my toes had been manicured (I was trying to grow my feet into those attractive Turkish slipper style of hooves).

Galloping carrots!! They have done it again. Clipped belly and foot trim while I was asleep.

I am beginning to think Nice Jenni has a really mean and wicked side to her.


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