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Her With The Hat Has lost It!

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Honestly! Have you seen the latest pictures of HWTH? She has definitely lost it this time.


Firstly, she was hobbling around with a ‘bad back’. It looked alright to me. Then I espied her on her bike ‘walking’ that noisy canine Fly and throwing the ball from her bike. Then she’s wobbling around with feed buckets dangling from the handlebars of said bike!    


It doesn’t stop there! There we were, the Beechwood Herd of Happy Horses and Donkey, quietly enjoying a sunny day, grazing and generally chilling out when HWTH and gobby dog go flying by like the wind – my goodness she has some energy for an old wazzok. I was very impressed until Biro informed me that she was on the E-bike – whatever that is.

Barmy as a box of frogs!!


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