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Horrible Winter

At last we have seen the back of a horrible winter. Those of you who have followed my blog will know I love a bit of mud, especially when I can have a good roll in it, even better if I have just had a groom and leg wash. Have to laugh when all the humans see me liberally coated with gloopy mud. However not so keen on rain, you must know Donkeys are not waterproof, after all we are supposed to be residing in a comfortably hot country. So, I for one am glad to see the winter end.

The humans especially HWTH have been behaving very oddly, of course they have all been looking after us equines, as they always do, but my pony mates have been ‘stood down’ from active duty, so to speak. As far as I can see we have had no visiting riders for 3 weeks. HWTH said we are on ‘lockdown’. Well I know that. She is so fussy about the kick bolts on the stable doors. Every time one bangs shut it sets that Batty Fly Dog into a barking frenzy…really disturbs my dozing time!

Anyway I have had a conflab with the Equine residents of Beechwood, and although we have no idea why our friends and riders haven’t been to see us for a while, we wish you all well and ensure all of you that we are having a lovely long sunny holiday in our fields.

Wish you were here, see you soon!


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