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Horse Box Chaos!

OMG!   You couldn’t make it up.   Its just too funny.    HWTH and another Hooman were plotting a day out.   On Sunday the horsebox was brought round.  Princess and Biro were washed and primped.   I sneaked up to the fence pretending to rub my butt, ears flapping and eavesdropped with no guilt whatsoever.


They were planning to go trail hunting  (personally I couldn’tthink of anything less attractive – all that galloping about, hoomans laughing and chatting – Ugh!)


Monday was a good spectator sport.   They were rushing about looking busy and efficient.    Princess having a spoilt rat moment, pawing the ground, snorting, jumping up and down – Biro a little more classy, just looking happy if a bit smug.   The horsebox was packed with stuff (honestly, they are only going out for the afternoon).    Hoomans, I have to admit, looked quite smart if a little formal, with skin coloured johds, shirt and ties, tweed jackets.   An improvement ontheir usual scruffy attire.


Best bit to come:-


Horsebox ready in the middle of the car park, ramp down.  Biro comes out and walks up the ramp, Princess comes out and walks up the ramp.    Hoomans close ramp – it falls off!  Oh honestly it was so funny – I was crying with mirth.   I tried to trot off but I was rendered immobile, ears flapping, tail swishing but hoofs fixed to the ground with uncontrollable laughter.


Next they had to unload the rather surprised horses.    Haaa –that was a poke in the eye for Princess.   No day out for you –showing off to everyone.


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