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Lockdown Exercise!

She’s tried it on again – HWTH. There was I, minding my own business and she comes along with the harness and, patting me patronisingly on my neck, informed me that it was time for me to do some exercise! And taken to the sand school. Then the fun began – Teehee

Well, I decided I would lull them into a false sense of achievement. Let them think they’ve finally “tamed the untameable”. So, I walked, in beautiful donkey rhythm, around the school – immediately answering the aids to halt or turn – it was so much fun! Just when they were convinced that they had indeed “tamed the untameable” I ran off – nought to twenty in ten seconds, two circuits of the school – eat your heart out Ben Hur! I was shaking with uncontrollable mirth made even funnier as they thought I was in shock and spent ages stroking my ears (someone told them it as a good way of soothing stressed equines). I would love to tell them what a load of twaddle that is.

Anyway, after our massaging session came to an end I was asked to “walk on”, which of course I did – right into the fence. Oh, it was funny. HWTH tried to encourage me to back out of the situation but I feigned ignorance and gently crushed her against the big square gate post. After a bit of very enjoyable crushing (My eyes firmly shut to keep the tears of laughter under control). I suddenly backed out and resumed my perfect circuit of the school. Oh dear! They are SO easily duped. I deviously steered myself rather close to a large plastic barrel full of noisy jump cups. Of course, my vision, somewhat impaired by the blinkers but with my inexhaustible talent, I just managed to tip the barrel with the carriage wheel. CLATTER, CLATTER, CLATTER as it fell over. Oh, brilliant excuse to test my ability again to accelerate from 0-20. Off we went round the school but by the second circuit I was a bit puffed out so resumed the perfect donkey rhythm walk and (chortle, chortle) they assumed (incorrectly of course) that they had me back “under control” and they decided to “end on a good note”. We walked sedately back to the yard where I was plied with carrots as I had been traumatised and needed lots of TLC – Suckers!


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