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Mysterious Blog

I am furious!! My blog position has been infiltrated by SOMEONE writing a ditty on MY page.

I have my suspicious that it is Princess as she has such an inflated (incorrect) idea of herself ‘lovely looks and big brown eyes’ Huh! What about me – lovely looks and big brown ears. Credit where credit is due I think.

The sun is out its nice and dry

Out she comes with that dog Fly

In we come one by one

A Saturday lots of fun

Princess with her flashy stride

Always gives a lovely ride

Coupled with looks amazing

Sets all visitors a-gazing

Wonderful coat and big brown eyes

A long mane and tail that flies

Out behind her in the breeze

She jumps and gallops with such ease

Biro an equine gentleman

Follows signals – if he can

Takes his rider over jumps

With only little tiny bumps

Dear sweet Meadow gentle soul

Looks after children like her foal

In the school she clicks her toes

Ask for canter off she goes

Crystal now she’s a diva

Showing us her ‘spring fever;

With little bucks in her trot

A 2 beat rhythm she’s forgot

Crystal’s bestie handsome Black Jack

Likes the school work prefers a hack

But the two as a pair

Pull their carriage here and there

What a sight to behold

Trot through traffic fine and bold

Mozart, Hamish, Freckles and Rob

They make up the Scottish mob

Freckles and Robbie hearts entwined

Hamish and Meadow true love did find

The Highlands they just love to eat

A nicer bunch you couldn’t meet


Another pair, mismatched in height

Such good friends they never fight

Gloria so elegant and tall

Dylan rather plump and small

But Cupid worked his lovely way

Brought them together in work and play


Hurricane thinks he’s huge and strong

Opinionated – never wrong

Take no heed its just a guise

He’s really only small in size


Farmer and Farrier the Dartmoor pair

Friends and brothers like to share

All their feed and hay and stuff

Reminding them of the rough

Moorland life in Widecombe

When they were young with their mum

Grown up now they like to pull

Their carriage quickly up the hill


Donkey Eeyore as you are aware

Spends his spare time taking care

To scribe the goings on at the stables

(Sometimes exaggerates the fables)

Asks pretty Galaxy his mate

(as his spelling is not great)

Eeyore didn’t go to school

A fact denied - he is no fool


Then the goats Treacle and Tilly

Both are ladies we have no billy

Gentle girls full of fun

Love to jump and buck and run

Two black cats like shadows flee

Across the yard and fields so free

Last of all the hens so sweet

Always keen to run and greet

Anyone who’s near the run

They squawk and cluck - are loads of fun

Of course they lay eggs galore

Sing to them and they lay more.


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