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Who is”Ophelia”? I kept hearing HWTH talking about Ophelia is coming in this week. and I thought she may be a pretty little donkey companion for me, so I took myself down to the field and had a satisfying roll in the mud and then back to the sand school for a good thick coating of sand. After all, a chap wants to look his best for a lady visitor.

So there I was, poised so as to speak, for action if and when the paragon of loveliness drifted into my vision, only to be told that Ophelia was a storm blowing in from the Sahara (I have distant relatives in the Sahara) blowing nasty dust all over the place and causing me to put my beautifully prepared mud and sand covered rear end in the holly hedge for protection from the wind

Honestly, fancy giving a horrible harbinger of forest desecration a name like Ophelia!!


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