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Princess's Trip to Windsor Castle

"I am sure that all who have met me realise I am from the aristocracy. My mother told me when I was just a colt, that I had Royal blood coursing through my veins.

So, when Princess said she had been to H.M. The Queen's garden at Windsor Castle for a Party on Sunday well, I was green with envy. I had just picked a rather nice stinging nettle (one of my favourite foods!) and I have to confess it tasted quite bitter alongside that snippet of information.

It transpired that She with the hat and that nice lady Mac had taken Princess in the HORSEBOX to WINDSOR PARK for a PARTY! Well, what happened to my invite? After all I am almost family, definitely related to some of the Queen's better horses.

I can't write another word as I feel quite faint at the unfairness of life"


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