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Smart Navy Rug

Happy New Year!

HWTH is so grumpy. She doesn’t appreciate a good gloopy bit of mud with freezing wind and rain.

As you know, I love the mud but am less fond of the rain and cold wind. YUK. We donkeys are not waterproof like the horses. HWTH fitted me out with my smart navy coat (with hood) and, as you can imagine, I look fantastic…. Really classy.

I was happy at first but then I refused to go out in the rain (even with my coat). It is easy – you just stop your legs from moving and lean back a bit. Piece of cake. HWTH allowed me to stay in in my cosy stable.

Then, just to add a bit of excitement to her boring old life, I decided to practice singing at 5 o’clock in the morning. Once I started, I found it hard to stop. I sang all the songs I know. HWTH seemed grumpier than usual when she came over.

Honestly, you just can’t please her.


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