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The Adventures of Whale Watching

Here, get this: I couldn’t help but overhear when HWTH came back after a week in Iceland! She was ‘holding court’ and telling of her adventures. Apparently she went whale watching (why?! – she could have stayed at home and done some donkey watching).

Well anyway, she boarded the boat with the other ‘watchers’ and off they went. It was cold and the sea was very rough (can you see where I am going?) Floating about on a smelly boat for three hours with all the passengers squeal

ing with delight over a one and a half second view of a humped back, which could easily have been a lorry inner tube! HWTH was well unimpressed and just to complete t

he Icelandic experience, the waves got bigger and she spent the rest of the trip in the ‘rest room’. Somehow I got the impression that she wasn’t resting though. Serves her right. She should spend her time watching large furry things, especially donkeys! She says whales are intelligent ‘huh’ – how come. If they had any sense they wouldn’t try to live in such an inhospitable place like the cold, wet sea and then try to breathe air. Intelligent my hoof. Anyway, it gave me a really good laugh!!


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