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The Deadly Rail

Cast your mind back to Friday – what a beautiful day. There was I, standing in the sun, tied up next to my nearest and dearest – experiencing a wonderful winter coat removal. Itchy skin scratched,, whole body massage from one of my many admirers!

Then suddenly through a hedonistic haze of pure luxury, I heard a noise ---a drill noise that aroused dreadful memories of ‘THE DENTIST’. Well, I admit I did panic. I didn’t mean to pull down the tethering rail which, unfortunately, remained connected to my headcollar rope. It was accidental that I smacked Robbie-the-Highland round the hocks with said attached tethering rail and it was unfortunate too that he stood on his groom’s foot, causing her to unbalance and end up with a foot in each of her buckets of soapy water she was using to clean Robbie with! I then scared the daylights out of Hobbit as the rail made quite a noise clattering up the yard behind me.

Just put yourself in my shoes - I mean it was only two weeks ago that I was doped, manhandled and physically abused having my teeth rasped and my hooved trimmed WITHOUT my consent and I cannot tell you what a monumental hangover I had the next day.


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