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The Dentist!

Hi – Eeyore speaking.

I am in a terrifically positive mood and smiling all over my face.

The equine dentist came last week and those of you who keep in touch with me via my Blogs, will know that I do like to express my disapproval at the invasion of my personal air space by the scrub bedecked dental technicians with their barbaric tools. Sometimes I take them for a ‘run’ – loads of fun as they get dragged up the yard.

I varied it a bit last time by pulling back and removing a tethering rail (very impressive). I galloped off with the rail attached which caused a groom to move quickly and stand in a bucket of water. A very satisfying sequence of events.

However, this year I surprised them by standing quietly – tee hee – they think they have cracked it with me. Just wait till next year!!


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