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The Harness Parade!

Have I had a laugh today!! That snooty Princess has been going on and on about the London Harness Horse Parade. She was so sure she was going to participate in the famous Parade. After all, HWTH has taken me out for some carriage driving schooling sessions. I have had a bath and I definitely saw HWTH polishing the brass on my beautiful harness. Bailey and the Dancing Boy washed my carriage too so I knew we were off.

She was right of course! Sure enough, out came the horse box. Snooty Princess looked over her shoulder at all the rest of us as she minced up the ramp with a huffy snort. Centre of attention from all the easily impressed humans.

Not so snooty when she came back home though!

Oh no, I couldn’t keep the smile off my face when I enquired ‘How was your day?’ She flicked her head and stomped off huffily. Tee Hee. Miss Prim and Proper didn’t get the coveted First Class Award as she usually does. She only received a 2nd Class Award. HWTH was grim faced too and definitely more crochety than usual. Bad day!

I couldn’t control myself. My ears were flapping and tears of mirth rolled down my face.

Princess by name, Princess by nature but this time her tiara has slipped!


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