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The Hoomans

The ‘Hoomans’ are very odd and recently, obviously lost the plot!    I have been surreptitiously watching them over the last few weeks,   They are collecting poo with great enthusiasm.   Horse poo excites them beyond belief; collecting from the stables with shrill notifications ‘there’s one in Biro’s!’


Lovingly forked out and collected in a big pile – also collecting from the fields with shouts of ‘we have picked 6 wheelbarrows full and there is lots more’.   Anyone would think they were picking succulent fruit or loads of carrots.   I think it may be used as a gift to the God of Poo.  


HWTH accompanied me on a walk the other day and I espied Hoomans (not our own Hoomans) but other Hoomans, collecting little poos, putting them in pretty coloured bags and carefully hanging the bags in the trees and hedges -  definitely gifts for the God of Poo.


I am now on a mission to discover more information about this illusive deity.   If you know more, LET ME KNOW.


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