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The Viking Challenge

You couldn't make it up. She with the hat has really lost the plot now. She was so excited telling everyone, I heard every word. Wait for it!....She with the hat is going to Iceland (Tee Hee - she hates the cold!) and taking part in the Viking Challenge Ride. Get this ...131 miles riding Icelandic horses across lava fields, mountainous trails and through glacial rivers, herding 100 horses. Can you believe it?! I laughed and laughed until I almost fell over. It gets better. She with the hat and other chosen few are sleeping in huts up the mountain with beautiful views of volcanoes, but no running water! I was rolling about in my stable with tears in my eyes, the vision is just too much to bear. (I had to get up quickly when someone said "I think Eeyore has colic.... Call the vet" but in my opinion, the poor old girl has gone right off her trolley!!

I overheard her saying she has to raise loads of money for charity but, honestly, who is likely to sponsor her. She will probably get lost going to the airport.


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