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The Washing Machine!

I am assuming you are a regular follower of my innermost thoughts and musings. If so, you will be aware of my opinion of ‘That Dog Fly’ in future to be referred to as IT. IT has some very irritating habits – running madly around the stables, barking every time a door or kick bolt makes a clonk. As IT rushes past my Haven of Safety (stable to those not in the know) she snaps her horrid teeth at my nose, causing me to snatch my head up which then gives me neck ache – dratted thing!

A funny thing happened the other day. HWTH was grumbling and moaning (well I know that is such a common occurrence it’s hardly note worthy) as her washing machine wouldn’t work. Boy, did we all suffer – grumble, whinge, moan, stomping around, slamming doors, complaining about our ‘throw away’ society. She would probably have to get a new washing machine. Honestly, you would have thought the end of the world was nigh or a complete carrot crop failure!

Tee hee, it turns out that IT, so unashamedly favoured by HWTH, the spoilt brat of a mutt, had jumped up and put her clumping great paws on the child lock of the machine, thus rendering it unusable for three weeks. Serves HWTH right for having that fleabag in the house. IT should live in a kennel.


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