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The Worm Dose!

One day last week, the sun was shining and HWTH was marginally less grumpy. Lots of juicy fresh grass, sun on your back, ‘Happy Humans’. Life was looking good until HWTH came to my stable, sweet talking me. Suspicion aroused! She gently put my headcollar on, patting me and telling me what a lovely boy I am. Of course, I do KNOW that but I love flattery. As I coyly closed my eyes to flutter my exceptionally long eyelashes, she put a blindfold over my eyes and thrust a nasty plastic thing into my mouth and squirted the most appalling paste on my tongue. Blindfold removed. I was livid as I had been literally hoodwinked.

HWTH hadn’t come to tell me how lovely I am at all. She had given me a foul, disgusting worm dose. Well, I can tell you I wiped my mouth on the floor, the walls, my knees, rolled my lip up, shook my head, flapped my ears but nothing, nothing helped with the removal of that vile taste. HWTH laughed. I ask you, LAUGHED at my reaction to practically being poisoned to death. Then, if you please, she tried to make amends with a piece of apple. Huh! I made it quite clear where she could put her piece of apple. That is the last time I trust her sweet talking. I shall bear a grudge for at least 2 weeks.

I heard that the equine dentist is visiting soon. Ha! Definitely fun and games for me.


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