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Timmy The Tractor

I am just about fed up with that silly old buffer Timmy the Tractor. He is so full of himself now he has had a complete make-over. Just because he was dragged out of the field to do some poo picking in the paddock and Himself decided to restore him to his original condition as he is now a piece of farming history – a vintage Fergie! I did hear (but chose to be a bit deaf) that HWTH thought that I could be harnessed up and do a bit of light farm work…. ME!! I ask you… what a cheek. Anyway, Timmy the Tractor has delusions of grandeur. Very common with the lower class don’t you know. He said a book is being penned as we speak and possibly a film after too! Honestly, the demented old soul needs to go to the scrap yard. The sooner the better if you ask me.


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