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Toddy Again!

Hi everyone, Toddy speaking again.

Her with the hat is very excited (not a pleasant sight) as she keeps telling us our holiday period is over. She has been stomping around talking about all her “wonderful” new ideas for the return of all our lovely riders and carrot dispensers. Unfortunately, she hasn’t passed this snippet of golden information onto us the horses, but I am sure she will at some point.

Now look here! – Eeyore speaking

I have just nipped Toddy on his fat brown bottom. I’m just not putting up with it. Blogging is MY job not his. He is NOT an intellectual journalist like me. Really there is no respect around here.

HWTH does seem to be rather excited at the moment, muttering about a “New Start” and lots of fabulous new ideas.

I just hope these new ideas do not include me becoming a “Carriage Driving Donkey” – it’s just too demeaning for an incredibly well bred donkey like me.

HWTH was chuckling as she brushed my ears (Very Relaxing!) the other day and a wicked smile came across her face and she whispered in my ear “I have booked the equine dentist, Tee Hee!”

OH NO not already I must keep my dragging and kicking muscles in good working order.


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