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Toddy Takes Over

Hi to all Beechwood Riders and friends! This is Toddy speaking. We horses are a bit fed up with Eeyore always having the last word, as if he is the most important member of the happy herd of Beechwood horses (without embarrassing him too much, if you are being very precise, he is not even a horse!). So, between us, we decided to send you all an update on what’s going on at the moment. We are all really well and quite enjoying our holiday although HWTH (her with the hat) could have waited till summer so that we could all laze around in the sun in the fields full of lovely succulent grass. The humans are all being very attentive, and we are groomed to within an inch of our lives, have loads of delicious hay to munch and have apples and carrots mixed in with our feeds as we are not having any visits from our riders and friends and the humans don’t want us to miss out on our treats! Meadows says Hi to all her little riders. She is missing you all and hopes you are practicing rising trot on the sofa arms. She is also missing you Becky and Marilyn and asks you to save all your carrots up for her. I will answer for Princess as she is a bit snooty about Blogs and doesn’t wish to be associated too much with Eeyore! Between you and me she looks very dirty as she hasn’t had a bath for ages and enjoys a roll in the mud. She did mention to me last Wednesday that she misses our hack with Joanne and Paul as she has plans for some interesting Spring rides. Something to look forward to. Dylan and Mozart say hi to all their riders. They miss you all. They are also looking a bit scruffy as they haven’t had a haircut in a while - like a lot of us. Humans say the clippers will be out as soon as we are all back in action and then our manes and legs will look smart again. Robbie and Freckles are enjoying the cold weather as it reminds them of the Highlands of Scotland. Biro has the company of his ‘bestie’ (Matthew) at the weekends and definitely gets preferential treatment in the polo department! He did ask me to say he misses Alan and Lucy - with her array of colourful clothes. Hobbit is looking good with his mane and tail groomed to perfection and he sends his best wishes. The four ‘smalls’ - Tinkerbelle who has a brilliant covering of mud camouflage, Galaxy, Farmer and Farrier are all keeping trim with lots of loose schooling (that’s going round in the school without a rider) and I can see them from my stable. It looks quite good fun but a bit energetic for my liking. Eeyore has a massive sulk on as, as soon as he realised, I was composing a Blog, he huffed and puffed and said it was his job. Hurricane has been learning to pull his little trap and from what I could see, he was doing pretty well. I expect there will be some photos out there soon. So, all riders and friends, don’t forget us. HWTH has lots of interesting ideas for you all as soon as you are allowed back. Best wishes from the Happy Herd of Beechwood Horses


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