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VI and Dylans Party!

A couple of weeks ago, I overheard HWTH and that nice lady Mac discussing trying to load the VI into the horsebox. I can’t understand why he doesn’t like travelling. I love it. Nice comfy box. Lots of clean shavings and that lovely vibrating, tingly sensation up your hooves as the engine starts. Excellent fun.

It was fun to watch at first, VI walks up the ramp somewhat keenly, humans all smiles….. then he shoots out dragging one or two humans with him! It got a bit boring after the 8th time so I wandered off for a scratching session on the tractor..

Next thing I know he is in the box, with dear old Dylan and off they go. I was sure they were off to a party, but no, they were back in no time. Just a practice run apparently.

Last week HWTH and NLM were around at daybreak. VI and Dylan loaded in the horse box and off they went. This time they were off to a party. The VI was full of it when they came home. “You should have seen it. Huge hills with the sun coming up, birds singing, lots of other horses and lots and lots of howly sort of dogs and a man with a trumpet. It was great fun and I can’t wait to do it all again!”

Dylan says he goes to a party every week in the winter. So glad I changed my mind about the horsebox.

I wonder if I shall be allowed to go to a party. Second thoughts, I don’t like dogs or trumpets, so maybe not!


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