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Winter Glums

Oh dear, the dark evenings are here - that always sends HWTH into ‘Winter Glums’.

Actually, I quite like this time of the year. Lots of squidgy mud, so satisfying to roll in as it sticks the hair together in a most attractive way and packs into the hooves like concrete so HWTH and co. really struggle to pick out our feet.

I love it when HWTH and company bring us in and get all in a dither about scraping the mud off ! Lots of sweating on their part, arms going like sink plungers as the brushes skim over the mud. Laugh… it brings tears to my eyes.

After 45 minutes or so of scraping, brushing, picking out feet and a fair bit of washing, ‘They’ decide we all “pass muster” . ‘They’ then they lead us down to the field…. This is when you must ensure that ‘They’ are still watching… when you select a really gooey puddle, sink to our knees in ecstasy to roll and return to the original state of muddiness. If you watch carefully, ‘They’ will now perform a ritual dance (well it must be ‘cos they all do it!) This comprises a grimace, followed by teeth gnashing, headcollar throwing, feet stamping and arm waving. This routine continues for about 5 minutes.


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